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Katie McJunkin, Dental Assistant

added on: May 3, 2017

Katie started working at our practice after being a patient of ours since she was a little girl. She is there to make sure that all of the patients are properly scheduled, all of the items sent in from outside labs are properly checked in, and in general is the technical go-to-girl of the office. She decided on a career in dentistry after growing up being self-conscious of her own smile. “I went through ortho twice,” she says. “I never want anyone to feel that way (self-conscious). Your smile is your best accessory!”

Katie loves the family work environment and that the team takes the time to really educate patients on how to achieve the best smile and oral health possible. Outside of work, she enjoys working out with her co-worker Lori, and she also loves to run. In fact, she recently finished her first half-marathon!

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