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Trust Us for Safe Dentistry in EastanolleePatient Safety is Our Top Priority

At Lowery Dental, we can assure you that we’ve always been highly respected as a clean dental office practicing safe dentistry in Eastanollee long before things changed in 2020 thanks to the arrival of COVID-19. We wanted to talk for a moment to share some of the steps we’ve taken at the office to ensure every single patient feels safe and well cared for.

Lowery Dental in Eastanollee

Pre-screening Measures and Questions

When you come to the office, you’ll find that we’re taking everyone’s temperature. Patients will no longer have to answer questions about where they have been, exposure to others, etc. In order to ensure safe dentistry in Eastanollee, we kindly ask that all patients wear a mask when not in the treatment rooms. You’ll also find that we’re running air purifiers in the reception area and in each treatment room. We also use disposable gowns that are changed between each patient.

Our office already had a strict protocol for sterilization in place so the only extra method is to wear a mask all the time and just place a new one over the existing one for each procedure.

Working Hard to Keep You Healthy

Please know that all handles, the dental chair, and the keypad for the chair are all covered with plastic. The entire treatment room is wiped down with disinfecting wipes. Instruments are cleaned in an ultrasonic solution and bagged for sterilization in an autoclave or a Statim. All products used in a procedure are disinfected as well. Doctors, hygienists, and assistants wear masks (double during a procedure), gloves, and eye protection. Everyone also wears disposable gowns over scrubs during procedures that will produce a spray. We will continue to monitor patient temperatures and require masks in the waiting room until CDC guidelines change.

Safe dentistry for everyone, every day!
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